The Weekly Dip – Rig takes refuge

It was too good to miss! An offshore platform is taking refuge in the bay and it seemed swimmable. A better look was in order.

Wow! It's asking to be swum to!

Wow! It’s asking to be swum to!

A very wet and very grey day but the light on the sea was glorious. Swans were swimming in the bay highlighting how grand and imposing the platform actually was. Three rig boats were supporting and likely anchoring the platform and the sea was calm and just waiting for a couple of rubber clad swimmers.

What a juxtaposition. How marvellous.

What a juxtaposition. How marvellous.

A quick change and in we popped for a closer look. Once out of the sanctuary of the bay the sea seemed rougher and a dark cloud loomed from Brixham and was set for us. Our time was limited so we swam as close as we felt safe to and had a better look. Amazing to imagine hundreds of skilled offshore workers carrying on highly technical daily tasks whilst we were simply floating/ bobbing around not far from their ‘desks’.

Back inshore after operation 'rig'

Back inshore after operation ‘rig’

With the cloud edging closer we decided to make our retreat and had a lovely steady swim back to shore. With our trusty wetsuits keeping us warm we felt we could carry on for a while, mind you our hands and feet had other ideas so a quick snap for good measure, a duck and a dive for the swans and we exited our lovely local beach and headed for the warmth of clothes, cups of tea and toasted hot cross buns. Perfect.

For interest the rig was about a mile offshore from Broadands, it is certainly achievable to swim it. However I would certainly have felt bolder and safer with a friendly kayak by my side but I may well try for another closer look. Let’s hope our local rig stays a while longer and next time I’ll take a waterproof camera, some amazing photo opportunities I’m sure (if I’m brave enough to get that close!)

For now that’s it, The Weekly Dip. Over and out.