Is accommodation included?

It certainly is! We allocate you to local luxury accommodation guaranteed to provide you with comfy beds and sumptuous breakfasts fit for any hungry swimmer.

Are meals included?

Yes, all except the Saturday night meal on the Bantham trip where you will be taken to the renowned pub, The Sloop for a delicious evening meal. For the Dart Delights trip you will be provided with a delicious 2 course home cooked meal on the Saturday evening.

On all trips you will be provided with welcome drinks and buffet on your first night, breakfasts are included and are delicious. Lunches will typically be on the go, hearty soups and sandwiches packed full of local goodies. There will be an ongoing supply of delicious treats to keep your energy levels and foodie enjoyment high.

If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know although we will ask you this when booking.

How good a swimmer do I need to be?

Ok, so our trips are about swimming and the more confident you are the greater your enjoyment will be. We would recommend, if you are taking part int he swims that you can swim at least one mile in open water confidently and that you have a good level of open water swimming experience.

However, if you are coming to keep your friend/ partner company then there will be plenty for you to do and enjoy and you will still be able to dip as much as you would like or not at all.

Also, if you are new to open water swimming and you want to explore Devon we can guide you through this. Call us and let’s have a chat because we can tailor the trips to meet your needs.

What is the weather’s bad?

Well it really depends what you mean by bad weather. Some of our swims are weather dependent, Burgh Island is a good example of this. Most of our swims can be done rain or shine it’s all about the gear. If you arrive and we are weathered out we will find sheltered spots to dip and dive don’t you worry. It’s more about how much weather you can handle…..swimming in the rain is after all, wonderful. If you’re going to get wet, why not do it in style? We’ll bring the hot chocolate you bring the goggles 🙂

Can I change plans or cancel at any time?

We will take a deposit when you book and we have a standard cancellation policy in our terms and conditions. However if you can’t make it for any reason as long as you let us know 30 days before we can reallocate you to another trip. We understand that the modern world doesn’t always allow for holidays but it’s only a weekend and we think you deserve the break….so forget work and come anyway.

What should I bring?

A few swimming costumes, hats and goggles. Wetsuit if you want to do a longer swim and aren’t acclimatised to colder water. We do not supply wetsuits so you will need to either hire or bring your own. Waterproof gear, warm clothes, comfortable walking shoes…the list goes on. When you book we will issue you you with a packing list which you can use or lose. Up to you.

Who else is coming?

These weekends are designed for people who are passionate about swimming outdoors and swimming surrounded by beauty. Who else is coming? Others who find nothing more rewarding that stripping off outside, getting into some slightly chilly water and swimming up and down rivers and coastlines. If this is you, you’re likely to meet some firm friends.

What insurance do I need?

You will need your usual holiday insurance but it is worth calling your insurance provider to check they cover outdoor sports. We have holiday insurance to cover your investment and your safety whilst you are here.

What about Refunds?

Please read our terms and conditions and cancellation policy for information on this. We understand life means plans change but we hope that you will not need to cancel, simply postpone and we really seriously hope that you won’t be unhappy with your weekend, we expect you’ll be coming back for more not asking for refunds…..fingers crossed 😉

Are there additional costs?

You will need to make your own way here, the nearest train station is Totnes and once you arrive there we’ll take over and the only cost you’ll incur is if you want an extra cream tea or to take home some local goodies/ memorabilia. If you are coming on the Bantham trip you will need some pennies for a pub meal on the Saturday night but it’s worth it.