Our outdoor swimming weekends are tailored to the group of swimmers we have for each particular weekend. From the moment you book with us, we’ll talk to you about your preferences and abilities, offer up some ideas and the weekend plan starts right then. To give you an idea of how your weekend might look, we have prepared the following sample itineraries.

Dart Delights

From the racing peaty pools of the upper Dart to the broad meandering Dart Estuary you will dip, dive and dart your way to the coast. The coast also offers hidden beaches where you might be accompanied by dolphins or seals.

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Lido Lovers

South Devon is scattered with a diverse collection of lidos. All around the moor there are community lidos which are little known outside the county. We also have two dramatic local sea water lidos and we plan to dedicate at least one weekend this summer to visiting as many lidos as we can in a weekend.

Bantham, Burgh & Bobbing

From the tranquil upper Avon, where we negotiate a path through waders and forgotten tenders, we left the tide take us down stream to the unique village of Bantham. From there we will circumnavigate the iconic landmark of Burgh Island which we’ll see from the perspective which only the adventurous can experience.

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Gastronomic Swimming Weekend

Pioneering the gastro-dipping movement, Devonshire Dippers will take you to the best eating and drinking establishments in South Devon with a series of beautiful swims in between. Swim, eat, sleep, swim, eat, sleep – your beautiful mantra for the weekend.

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