The Weekly Dip

We’ve always dipped. It’s a daily concern. However, since the arrival of our two darling daughters outdoor dipping has taken another type of dip. In order to rectify this and to coincide with the launch of Devonshire Dippers 2014 sees the start of ‘The Weekly Dip’.

This is exactly as it sounds, we will decide our dip location and in an ideal world take a pic and share it with you. If you live locally we’ll be posting our dipping intentions via the wonders of Facebook and twitter and welcome anyone who’s up for joining us.

As luck would have it, The Weekly Dip, is also the name of our blog, which will act as an online newsletter for all the goings on in 2014 so keep your eyes peeled for new trips being launched, media updates and general West Country ramblings.

I hope this serves you with a few laughs and a few ideas and also a deep desire to come dipping with us. We do puddles, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, lidos, estuaries, coastlines and if that doesn’t clean us up, the occasional bath.

This weeks dip is simple, it’s our local beach, Broadsands and we’ll be dipping and diving there on Saturday morning unless the tide is high in the River and in which case we’ll wander down to Duncannon for an estuary dunk. Either way we are anticipating an enjoyable chill factor.